The first World Championships for the Deaf were held in 1995 in England at GC Forest of Arden.

Fifty-eight players from eight different countries participated, winning the tournament title with Doreen Granberry from the United States.

From then on, the event has expanded to now include female and veteran competitions. The biggest turnout was in 2018 at Carlton House GC, Ireland: 115 gamers from 19 nationalities.

This event has become the starting point for top amateur golfers on their way to professional Golf. WWC champs Allen John (2016), Diksha Duggar (2018), and Paul Waring (2018) took this leap.

The deaf community golfers compete in the best amateur competitions at home and abroad, as well as in hearing-only competitions. Doing so makes the Championships the prize highly appreciated among countries, while the competition gets close and makes an exciting viewing experience for the audience!

The World Championship belongs to the World Federation of Deaf Golf, which makes it a biennial event.

Golf is a sport for everyone

What makes Golf unique is the deepest decency of the players toward each other and the game itself. Golf is an intelligent sport. You must have the same wit and judgment as when playing at Fairspin.io casino. Passing the course is a severe analytical challenge, the ability to juggle strategy and tactics efficiently. It's self-improvement, a battle above all with yourself. You follow the game's rules but set your own limits or remove them. It's both a very individual and a team sport. It's a great way to get to know your business partner: strategic thinking, team spirit, determination, endurance, and ethics. One golf outing can answer all these questions. In general, Golf is not just a sport. It is the quintessence of intelligence, excitement, sport, meditation, aesthetics, nature - a particular way of life.

Inclusive Golf Programs

Forget everything you've heard about Golf. Golf is mega accessible and has no restrictions. You don't even need a golf course to play!

Golf can be played by anyone, anywhere. We hear that Golf is hard, that you have to learn, that it's expensive, and that there are a lot of rules. None of that matters. You can learn to play this simple golf game in one day. You can play indoors, outdoors, or somewhere in the yard. The hole can be anything. Adults and children, the blind and the hearing impaired, athletes and rehabilitators, tennis players and soccer players, moms and teachers, people with disabilities, and the healthy became golfers.

There's always a way to play. If you were playing on the field, there would be someone with you all the time. He'd help you get on the tee, help you find the ball. You don't need excuses.

He hit the ball. That's good. It doesn't matter how he hit it or where he hit it. You have to encourage it! You don't have to hold the stick right at all.

Inclusive Golf is gaining popularity all over the world.

Interesting facts about Golf

Golf is a sport that fascinates millions of people but is especially popular among business people. According to statistics, every tenth multi-million dollar deal in the world is on a golf course. Interesting facts about Golf will tell about this game's history and other exciting features.

Scotland is the birthplace of Golf. The game existed here already in the 14th century. Golf was invented by Scottish shepherds, who used their sticks to drive stones into rabbit holes. In its modern form, Golf was also formed in the country of the highlanders in the 19th century.

Some historians call the birthplace of the prototype of Golf the Roman Empire, where a similar game was played with bent sticks and a ball filled with feathers was hit. In the 1st century AD. e. this game evolved into the Golf we know today. The Chinese game of chuiwan, popular in the 8th-14th centuries, could serve as a prototype of Golf.

No matter what other prototypes of Golf have developed in different countries, Scotland is considered its birthplace. In 1457, a royal decree was issued that banned Golf, as the game distracted archers from their studies. In Scotland, there is also the oldest golf course, which is considered the first in history. This is the Old Course in St. Andrews, which dates back to 1574.

A golfer can use more than 14 types of clubs to play, divided into four main groups. These are the wood stick, which puts the ball in play and is used for shots up to 300 m, and the iron stick, which allows you to send the ball to shorter distances. The wedge stick is for hitting the ball from sand or grass, and the putter stick is for shots that roll.

Jack Nicklaus is among the greatest golfers of all time and nations. This American professional golfer has won 18 majors in his career and finished second 19 times. He has won more US Masters titles than any other golfer.

The average salary of a golf coach is about $80,000 a year.

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