Yorkshire Deaf Golf Society (LYDGS)

Hello and welcome to the Yorkshire Deaf Golf Society (YDGS) formerly known as Lancashire and Yorkshire Deaf Golf Society. Here you can find information about the society, some contact details and YDGS committee information.

YDGS was originally founded in 2012 when a small group of golfers wanted the opportunity to play with other deaf golfers in the local areas, Mark Sunter (Yorkshire), Mark Forrest (Lancashire), Colette Hogan (Lancashire) and Nick Cash (Lancashire) were co-founders and created the aptly named LYDGS.

Left to right - Mark Forrest, Marc Sunter, Colette Hogan and Nich Cash (Co-Founders of YDGS)

After two years successful running of the YDGS, the committee are looking to change and reform with the times. They will be looking ahead to rename themselves 'YDGS' due to the majority of players coming from Yorkshire. The committee will look to introduce memberships to help with the running costs of the Society and to incorporate Rules and Constitutions to ensure the successfull, continued success of the Society.

The Society continues to go from strength to strength initially starting with league matches between March to October, and will include in the future additional competitions such as 5 clubs, pairs, knockouts, and an Open Championship.

The current YDGS committee is as follows:

Peter Bracchi (Chairman)

Brian Robinson (Vice-Chairman)

Marc Sunter (Secretary)

Paul Marlow (Handicap Secretary)

Matthew Monkman (Treasurer)

The aims of YDGS is to increase participation amongst Deaf players in Yorkshire and surrounding counties. This includes new people that want to take up the game of golf. The Society plays at various clubs around Yorkshire in order to keep travelling disruptions to a minimum. YDGS is a non-profit society and any money sought, is reinvested back into the Society.

To contact the Society for further information, contact the Secretary on [email protected].


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