Order of Merit


After a few years of using the points system in order to qualify for both the World Deaf Golf Championships and the European Deaf Golf Championships, we had experienced difficulties in explaining the current system. We have decided to use a yearly Order of Merit on a trial basis for 2016 as an experiment based on Professional Golf World Ranking system.

The points system we have chosen is very competitive as each position from 6th to 30th are only 1 point each. Bonuses of 10 points are available for each event that you play in.
In the case of a tie (example being tied 4th), the points available for 4th and 5th places are added up and divided by 2 places. 4th place offers 27 points and 5th place offers 24 points.  They are both added and divided by 2 which provide 25.5 points for the two players in tied 4th. This also applies to any other tied positions.

For EDG events the points are determined by the order of England players only in that particular event. The points determined at World or European Deaf Golf Championships is determined by the overall position in those championships and the ranking points are doubled due to the standard in these events.

The minimum requirements to qualify for the England Deaf Golf Team in the following year international event is a minimum 2 events per year and the average score from 2 best scoring events will be counted towards your final qualifying total.


Please click here to see the current Order of Merit table.

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