Tees Deaf Golf Society (TDGS)

Hello and welcome to the Tees Deaf Golf Society page. Here you can find information about the society, some contact details and TDGS Committee information.

The Society was orginally found in 1993 when a small group of Deaf golfers wanted to get together for a game at the end of the working week. Years later in 2006, Robin Calvert, Denis Dove, Sean Evans, David Hugill and Craig Jones got together to form the newly named Teeside Deaf Golf Society which was then changed to Tees Deaf Golf Society. In 2010, due to the increasing numbers that had started to play with TDGS, the Committee drafted the TDGS Constitution and Rules which were approved by the members in 2010. TDGS continues to go from strength to strength organising a TDGS League that runs through the summer as well as knockout compeitions.

The current TDGS committee are as follows:-

Denis Dove (President)

David Hugil (Chairman and Temporary Secretary)

Dave Walker (Media Officer and Temporary Secretary)

Seans Evans (Treasurer)

Mark Tonge and Stephen Foster (Golf Organiser)

Phillip Mottram (Captain)

The aim of TDGS is to promote and encourage Deaf golfers of ALL abilities to play golf. In order to increase involvement in golf among the Deaf community, the TDGS organises a summer league/knockout which takes place at various clubs around the North East. TDGS aims to use these events to encourange players to interact and also to learn about the game of golf. The TDGS is a non-profit making society and any money sought is recycled back into promoting golf within TDGS.

To contact the Tees Deaf Golf Society for further information, email [email protected] for further information or alternatively you can go to the TDGS website by clicking here.

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